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Our Partners! - Where our donations go!

2019 marks our seventh year of the Big Goose Open. For that time we have asked you, our fellow Geese to believe in us, and donate to the cause of kicking Kidney Cancers a**! You can't know how much we appreciate your support. As our responsibility to you, we'd like to share with you the organizations we are and have worked with over the years.

For many reasons, the organization we have been working with lately has been "Action to Cure Kidney Cancer" The key factor in our working with ACKC was their understanding of how underfunded Kidney Cancer research is and their aim to change that in Washington DC. To read more about our favorite parts of ACKC, check out their Genesis Page.

Every year, when we send out check into ACKC, we specifically request that it be earmarked for research. We believe that the most direct avenue to Teeing Off on Kidney Cancer is research with the belief that someday we'll be able to raise money to ensure the cure reaches every possible person that needs it. To check out what type of research has been funded through ACKC, check out their Direct Funding page.

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