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Flying V Award Recipients


When geese fly south for the winter, they do so in a V pattern.  The concept allows the goose at the front of the V to cut through the wind resistance making it easier for rest of the V to fly.  When this goose grows tired, they fall to the back of the flock where it's easiest.  In essence, the head goose takes on the biggest challenge for the betterment of the whole, this is why we've coined the name

"Flying V Award" to thank the member of our flock that takes on big challenges for us selflessly to make the Big Goose Open so successful each year.  To each and every one of them, I am truly grateful, it is because of their effort we are able to Tee Off on Kidney Cancer

-Lucas Jacobson

President, BGO Inc.

IMG_1890 copy_edited.jpg
Flying V 2_edited.jpg

2013 Flying V Recipient

Leah Nachtigal


2016 Flying V Recipient

Bridget Bender

2014 Flying V Recipient

Pat Reiser


2017 Flying V Recipient

Anne and Brent Nye

2015 Flying V Recipient

Michelle Holzbauer


2018 Flying V Recipient

Erynn Meyerink/Liz Bronzema

Jessica Hegge.jpg

2019 Flying V Recipient

Jessica Hegge


2020 Flying V Recipient
Catrina Brown


2021 Flying V Recipient
Bill Nachtigal

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